I have to pee

2011-10-02 04:31:09 by Gritchy

I think I need to smoke too. There's an invader down stairs preventing me access to the music making machine. I really just need sleep


2011-07-08 00:09:47 by Gritchy



2010-08-20 10:29:03 by Gritchy

I've decided to play tourettes guy with every text entry involving my music from now until i get bored with myself. I apologize to all the people i am about to offend.



2010-04-05 21:19:19 by Gritchy

it's fucking hot outside.

i give up on flash

2010-01-28 02:08:20 by Gritchy

Flash is pretty cool but to techy for me to learn right now.

Sticking to making wierd music until I've got more time on my hands =D

first flash

2009-09-30 03:34:20 by Gritchy

I'm about halfway done with my first flash music video featuring two bunnies beating the shit out of each other for no apparent reason.

The song will be dragon boobies. Since the song only about a minute long it will be a little easy on my head to animate (I haven't slightest clue on what I'm doing)

If you would like to see another Viral Cell Phone song brought to life drop me a line.

I have about 8 or so stored here (a few are Newgrounds exclusives) and two albums worth over at http://www.last.fm/music/viral+cell+ph one

-Gritch Goombah

first flash

oh boy

2009-08-28 03:02:10 by Gritchy

Music and art portals unlocked now for the big flash breakthrough....


2009-08-17 03:43:09 by Gritchy

Really wish someone would approve my music for the audio portal. Good news is that I was scouted for the art portal.